5 Simple Steps to Start a Podcast

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Want to start a podcast? Read these 5 tips before you get started!

Step 1: Brand Identity

What do I mean by Brand Identity?

Well, what is your Podcast about? What’s the story behind it? How do you want to present your podcast to listeners? It’s important to pick a niche. According to Apple, the top-rated brands focus on celebrities, politics, and comedy… they’ve got a niche! It’s important to distinguish a niche and plan within that niche. It’s important to make the niche something you’re passionate about. Or if you’re basing the podcast on your business, circle it around your business’s core values. You need to come up with a brand new idea, it’s important to pick a niche, add your twist and you’ll be off to a great start.

Once you’ve got a plan around your brand identity, the next part is easy. Creating your Cover Art will be easy, be sure to make it stand out! Make it stylish but keep it consistent with your brand. If you have a business already, keep the colours consistent, fonts and imagery too.

Step 2: Content

When you start a podcast, strategizing your content is vital. It’ll save you a lot of time and stress in the long run!

So you’ve chosen your brand identity? Great! You’ve chosen your direction? Great! The next step is planning your episodes. Before launching, having 5 episodes and a trailer episode all pre-done.

What’s a Trailer episode you may ask? A trailer episode gives your listeners an overview of what they can expect.

The first 5 episodes will help with confidence. Furthermore, it’ll also let you determine if the direction you chose is the right one! You learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll no doubt make mistakes in your first few episodes, but it’s important to learn from those mistakes.

The actual content is important too, what are you going to speak about?

Are you going to do Interviews? Give advice? Tell stories? What is your direction?

Choose a duration for your episodes. Episodes that are around 10-20 minutes long always work best. This is the optimal length that listeners will stay around and listen to the whole episode.

Step 3: Equipment

Right, so you’ve chosen your Brand Identity, you’ve planned your episodes and now you’re ready to get started. Although you can use your Laptop or Phone’s Mic, get a microphone. I’m not saying you have to dish out a ton of money either! Some cheaper microphones pack a punch, one of them is the FiFine Microphone…

FiFine USB Microphone

Price: £34.99 ($47)

Our Owner, Dominic, uses this for his YouTube and he thinks the quality is outstanding for the price. It’s one of the best mics for its price point. If you’re starting a podcast, this is the mic to try. Affordable, yet premium and the audio quality is outstanding.

Click here to check it out

Yet, if you’re happy to splash the cash, then the Blue Yeti USB is a great choice too.

Blue Yeti USB

Price £109 ($146)

It’s a great microphone, for its price point, it’s one of the best. The actual audio is fantastic, It’s multi-pattern USB part is a great feature. Due to the way it’s made, it’ll be easier to record with two guests. If you have the money, this should be your go-to.

Click here to check it out

Step 4: Podcast Hosting

Brand Identity, Content Strategy, Equipment, done. The big decision when you start a podcast is hosting.

The next step is to pick the platforms you’ll be broadcasting on! Will it be Apple? Spotify? Google? Or all 3?! Either way, you’ll need a hosting platform to get on those platforms.

These are the best platforms out there:




Step 5: Marketing

This is so important, but often overlooked!

Marketing your podcast is huge. Social media and email marketing should be your go-to methods. In this modern world, pairing those two routes will lead you to success. Choosing your social media is important. We recommend that you create a Facebook group, so you can optimize community growth.

You might think, well why not Facebook ads? Google ads? Of course, if you’ve got the budget, then go ahead! But, the longevity of a Facebook group can prove vital. Growing a community that comes back and engages is far better than one-off clicks.

Buzzsprout and Captivate will help with marketing.

If you chose Captivate.FM or Buzzsprout, those platforms help with marketing. Both of them can create marketing material for you. You can then use this marketing material on your Facebook Group, or other social media. If you were to create marketing material yourself, look into making visualizers. Be sure to include captions, progressive bars and headings in your visualizers. 

In conclusion, when you start a podcast, follow these 5 steps. Podcasts are becoming the best way to grow your business. It’s also a great way to connect with like-minded people in an entertaining way. Podcast marketing is increasing by the month, so take advantage of that!

Do you struggle with creating a podcast? Or do you need editing or launching services? Fortunately for you, we have our very own podcast services. You can check them out below…


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