Here’s why Video Podcasts excel!

So… Have you thought about going into Video Podcasting? You might already have an Audio version of your podcast, but a Video Podcast? This is where things get interesting…

By providing your audience with a video podcast, you’ll get better engagement and you’re likely to reach a new audience.

The truth of the matter is that people prefer videos. They’re more engaging but also a lot more accessible. It’s statistically proven that people prefer learning and being entertained by videos compared to audio. Now, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your audio! In fact, mastering both WILL lead to a successful podcast. As long as you do everything right, you’ll be off to a winner.

By making a video podcast, you’ll be able to create better marketing material to promote your podcast. You’ll be able to put your podcast on FREE platforms such as YouTube, Facebook & Vimeo, leading to a new audience. Not everyone can afford the likes of Spotify, iTunes, so giving everyone the best possible chance to listen to your podcast is not only respectful but a great way to reach a new audience!

So, how should you go about doing a video podcast?

Chances are, you either have:

  • A mobile phone
  • A laptop with a webcam
  • An external webcam
  • Or a DSLR.

You can use any of these to record your video.

I tend to recommend to clients to record on their best quality device at the same time as recording their audio. Of course, do it separately… So if you record on Audacity, at the same time, record on your best possible device. You can always set up a connection to Audacity, but personally, I recommend recording separately because let’s say Audacity crashes… You have no audio whatsoever!

The next step is the editing part. If you have an editor, send the files over by WeTransfer (this is a free platform) or send via Dropbox or Google Drive. If you’re editing your podcast by yourself, send yourself the files and I suggest using:

  • Premiere Pro (Our go-to)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Sony Vegas
  • Kdenlive (This is free)

For how to edit, check out this video:

To conclude, Podcasts are a great form of marketing, everyone starts with Audio but most never think to go with Video… Don’t be most people, stand out and grow your podcast with Video.

Dominic Spicer,
Owner @ Diligence Media

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