How long does it take to edit a podcast?

Editing a podcast can take a long time, but how long does it take to edit a podcast?

Every recording you edit will likely be different. In most cases, people don’t have an extensive, high-quality, high-production studio. So it can take a long time to edit a podcast. If it’s a 30-minute-long episode, editing could take 1-2 hours. That’s the short answer.

But, you also have to decide what you want in regards to editing. Are basic edits like trimming and removing background noise enough? Or do you want the full whammy? If so, you’re looking at 2-3 hours. Of course, certain DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) can cut time a lot.

First of all, what are the main factors?


Editing as a whole can take a long time. Of course, like anything, the better you are at something, the quicker it’ll take to do.

Yet, even with years of experience, editing still takes a long time. A lot longer than most people expect! I remember when I got into the industry, I always thought podcast editing would take around 5 minutes. As time moved on, I realised it took near to 1-2 hours, sometimes more!

Shorter episodes, of course, take less time to edit. We recommend to our clients to aim for the 10-20min episode length. Statistics show that listeners prefer shorter episodes, rather than long episodes.

With that said, how much time do YOU have? As, if you don’t have the time to edit a podcast, then you have a problem. You either shouldn’t have started a podcast, or you should invest money into hiring a podcast editor. We have podcast editing services if you’re interested.

How many are on the mic?

How many people are on the mic? Or, how many people are on your episode? If it’s you, the episode process won’t take as long in comparison to an episode with 5 guests. The more mics, the harder it is to edit. Essentially, you’ll need to edit each person’s mic individually. Whilst syncing them all together to sound professional. Or, if you’re using one mic between 3 people, this makes it even harder. This is because the balancing of audio will be all over the place.

In-Depth Noise Removal

Whilst removing basic background noise is integral to enhancing your audio. You should also look at removing ums, arrs, hesitation, etc. We include this within our podcast editing services. You see, no one wants to listen to a host or guest hesitate and say um 24/7. It’s annoying.

You can clean this up, but it does take time, in fact, for us, it’s what consumes the most time whilst editing. Yet, it brings the best impact in enhancing your audio. Imagine you’re talking about turkey sandwiches, but every other word is “um”. It’s frustrating from a listener’s point of you. and from your point of you, it’s unprofessional.

Of course, you could go for the more authentic hearing. In turn, keeping in ums, arrs, hesitation, etc. With that said, if there are too many ums etc, it will be a difficult listen.

Intros, Outros, Adverts

Adding any intro, outro or advert can be either tricky or easy. Are these premade? For example, have you made them once, and now you can import them into any recording? If so, it will only add about 5 minutes to your editing. If these intros, outros, and adverts are different each time, it will take longer. Plus, are you adding sound effects, callers, or complicated audio imagery? If so, you may run into further time spent editing.

Skill Level

Reducing the time by a good amount all goes down to your skill level. If you’ve never touched a digital audio workstation, then you could take 6 hours to edit a 1-hour episode. If you’re an expert, it’ll likely take you 90 minutes/2 hours to edit a 1-hour episode.

If you need an expert, we offer podcast editing services, click here.


Editing can be a varied amount, there are lots of factors that change the time it takes to edit an episode. Yet, editing is only so much. You’ve got to plan/prepare, record, then once editing is done, you’ve got to promote your episode. Marketing is another big factor. It can be quite overwhelming for someone who’s getting started with podcasting. But these are all key factors. So how long does it take to edit a podcast? Varied.

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