What we Offer

Our Main Package

Podcast Editing

We’re in the business of making you sound as professional as possible. Our podcast services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so you can focus on creating new content for your podcast.

What you can expect:

How We Structure Our Pricing


We arrange our based on duration.
You can also bulk buy 5 or 10 episodes and by doing that, you’ll save money!

1 Episode
5 Episodes

10 – 25 Mins


25 Mins – 1 Hour


1 – 2 Hours


(Saving £25)

10 – 25 Mins


(Saving £50)

25 Mins – 1 Hour


(Saving £75)

1 – 2 Hours


These podcasts are audio-only, if you have a video podcast too, we have other packages too.


a breakdown of what you get

Everything you get with our packages are premium quality,
we’ve mastered what we do.

Professional Audio Editing

Master your audio file by adding broadcast compression, limiting, normalizing and EQs. Remove any mistakes (umms, ahhs) while making you sound authentic. Plus, we remove background noises, unwanted breaths and space.

Include Intro & Outro Files

If you have an intro or outro, or both that you want to in the podcast, we’ll add them.

ID3 File Tagging

ID3 File Tagging all included.

Include Section Breaks & Adverts

If you’ve got any Section Breaks, Adverts or both, we’re happy to include these.

Marketing Material

We offer a wide range of marketing materials, from soundbites to graphic design posts. Furthermore, we customise the marketing material to your desired social media.

What else we offer

Other Packages



Per Hour

If you need your Podcast transcribing, this service will solve that for you…

Contact us via Email and we’ll get this sorted!

Video Editing


Per Hour

If you have a podcast that is also video-based, you’ll need Video Editing! Diligence Media also has a sub-service. With over eight years of video editing experience, we know you’ll be happy with the result!
Contact us via email, and we’ll get this sorted!

Support Package


Per Month

Ever needed a Podcast question answered? Yet Google isn’t doing it for you? Would you prefer an answer from a Podcast expert instead?
If so, Subscribe for Unlimited Email Support.

This is a recurring monthly payment.

Our Story


We’ve come a long way since our very first Podcast edit session.

Yet, working with a range of clients, we’ve mastered what we offer. We’re huge on self-improvement. As a company, it’s vital for us to keep up our standards and to always improve. We’re always up to date with the latest trends and editing methods. Meaning we can offer you the best podcast services possible.

What we guarantee:


(Saving £100)

10 – 25 Mins


(Saving £150)

25 Mins – 1 Hour


(Saving £200)

1 – 2 Hours