Podcast Management

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Having podcast files sent over to you is one thing, but what to do with them next? You’ll want to upload them to a podcast hosting platform, we recommend Captivate.FM. From there you have to go through a lengthy process of having everything prepared for an episode. Artwork, titles, show notes, SEO, numbering, scheduling. Then you have to go through the post-uploading, it’s a lengthy process.
Unless you let us manage your podcast. Our podcast management package will take the whole process off your hands. Relieving stress and anxiety. Yet, providing you with more time to prepare, record and market your podcast.
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we're experienced

We’ve managed most of the shows we’re worked with over time, we value our clients time.

podcast management



With our Podcast Management package… We’ll upload your episodes. With all the sections you need for your podcast to your podcast hosting platform. We’ll also send you weekly podcast reports.

why should you let us manage?

Running a podcast takes a lot of your time. This time could be for other areas of your business. Don’t de-value your time. If you chose our podcast management package, you would:

By transferring the process over to us, we'll do it all. In turn, this will save you valuable time.

the stress

It will be stressful for you if you've never used a Podcast Hosting platform before. But, we're experienced with using them.


Analytics are a great way to grow any marketing method. Every week, we'll deliver you high quality reports.