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We worked with Entrepreneur Truths from 2019 to 2021, when they stopped production of the podcast. Kelly and Martin both went different ways in business and felt that the podcast didn't reflect their new business visions. Despite this, Kelly Vikings set up her new podcast, The Aligned Way in 2022.


Kelly and Martin dig deep into the lives of successful entrepreneurs. The conversations are direct, insightful and entertaining. Success and failure are discussed, how they co-exist in the same space and how your mindset is a key factor with all of it. Never afraid to talk about what most people don’t, the highs...the lows, the sacrifices made, the extreme stresses that arise when you start, grow and scale your business.

entrepreneur truths
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They help us step inside the minds of the risk takers, the change makers, the extraordinary performance operators and those that live life on their terms! It's time to reveal some Entrepreneur Truths!

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