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the tool that grew my income

When you’re in this line of work, you need certain tools around you to grow your income. It’s vital. Having a TikTok theme page alone won’t get your that passive income. It’s what happens behind the scenes!

Email Marketing is what will bring you the long-term passive income we all desire. With email marketing, you simply have a TikTok page. Yet, with email marketing, you have a tool that will push products to your leads and make you the money you want.

the best email marketing platform

The truth of the matter is, you need to use the best tools to get the best growth. You can’t expect to grow your passive income from your TikTok theme page with using Mailchimp. You need Active Campaign.

In the past, I’ve tried their competitors, but personally, I don’t think they compete with Active Campaign. Active Campaign has everything, from all the automations under the sun to funnel building. All you need for your TikTok theme page and Affiliate Marketing journey!