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Do you want to work with Diligence Media? We’re a media agency based in Broadhempston, a small village in the UK. We work with a huge range of clients offering Podcast and Web Development services.

At Diligence Media, we have an affiliate program. Globally, we offer a 10% recurring commission on all our services. All you need to do is send clients our way, if they work with us, you’ll get 10% of their invoice. And every invoice they get sent!

This means, if a client gets invoiced £1000, you’ll get £100. If every month, they get invoiced £100, you’ll get £10 every month. Sounds cool right? It is. Or, if you work with us, you can get affiliate credit. If you refer a client, and you get a commission of £50, you can use this as a discount from further work. This is how most of our clients use their affiliate commissions.

If you want to be a part of our affiliate network, fill in the form below or email us at

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