Email Marketing

the perks

increase your revenue

Email marketing can help businesses expand their reach, boost their conversion rates, connect with their audience, and increase sales.

Want to unleash the full potential of this marketing method? You have to make sure your email campaigns are effective, efficient, and personalized to help you stand out above your competition. This can be a challenging task, but we will help.

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Want to increase your revenue? Brand awareness? This is for you.

Email Marketing



Get 3 hours of Email Marketing help per month, this would usually cost £60 for the month! Here’s what we can help with:

Why is email marketing good?

It’s one of the most stable form of marketing to date. It’s not as costly in comparison to FB Ads, Google Ads etc. Have a look below as to why it’s so effective.


Increase your conversion rate, increase your MRR, there's lots of bonuses.

Reach Customers
in real time

Got a business offer? Send a campaign within 5 minutes and reach your clients.

Easy to

Email Marketing has close-knit statistics, use these to boost list.


Far more affordable than the likes of Facebook, Google or YouTube ads.

Brand Awareness

Build a huge list, grow your business in ways that social media can't comprehend.


Leverage your audience by showing them the direction you want them to go in.

Bye facebook ads


Selling to a customer using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads etc can become costly. Especially long term. Yet, if you sell to your customers through email marketing. You will save a lot of money. Statistics show every £1 spent makes £35 in return. This makes email marketing one of the most cost-effective marketing methods, ahead of search, display, and social media marketing.

Of course, you will need to grow your email list through social media. With that said, we’re talking about organic growth. Utilise viral traffic through TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Groups etc. One of our clients get 3-4 leads per day, for free. It works.


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