Which programs are best for waveform audio editing?

Choosing the best free or paid Audio Editor for waveform can be tricky. We have a good range for you to choose from. Platforms like Audacity and Adobe Audition, are both powerful Digital audio workstations (DAW). These platforms have features like allowing you to produce crisp, professional-sounding audio.

Beginners may find this overwhelming, but the truth is, it’s pretty easy! Once you learn the initial stages of waveform editing, it’s simple.

Before choosing your program, you need to decide how you’ll be using the software. People with a podcast will have completely different requirements than a music production expert.

If you have a Mac, you get the free audio editor known as Garageband. This is beginner friendly and may hit all your basic needs. In Music Production? This is likely the tool for you to start on before you phase into the more complete platform. Such as Logic Pro (Apple’s fully-functional professional DAW).

Not in music production? Then these programs below could be for you.

Adobe Audition – Our go-to tool for all audio purposes

Adobe Audition is a fantastic DAW. As a company, we’ve been using Adobe Audition for over 5 years now. It’s a comprehensive toolkit for audio. Allowing for waveform, multi-track, spectral display for mixing, editing and restoring editing. Despite how much we love this tool, it’s not free. Though as the saying goes “You get what you pay for”, and with this tool, you get what you pay for.

You can get Adobe Audition either as a standalone app. Or, as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Which features all the other fantastic programs that Adobe has to offer.

Get Adobe Audition Here

Audacity – The best free audio editor

Reasons to get Audacity

  • Plenty of tools
  • Large library of plugins
  • Supports dozens of file formats
  • Stream directly to podcast listeners

Reasons not to get Audacity

  • The interface hasn’t been changed for years, it’s outdated.
  • Could be overwhelming for beginners.

We can say Audacity is the one free audio editor that competes with premium paid-for programs. This is a platform we recommend to our clients to record their podcasts on, before sending them to us to edit. Beginner or pro, this tool could be for you.

Rich in features, this audio editor has a huge reputation. With a huge developer community… this free audio editor is becoming the favourite for many. Despite having an outdated interface, you can see the waveform with good quality. Furthermore, Audacity has a huge library of plugins which adds more functionality. This allows you to create the audio you want.

One big downside to this open-source audio editor, it’s the skill barrier. It took us a couple of weeks to learn Audacity, but bearing in mind, we’re audio editors. You’ll likely learn the basics in a few minutes, but to learn everything, it could take a while. If you’re someone who has used a more complicated DAW, then you’ll have no problem with Audacity.

Get Audacity Here

Audiotool – The best free online audio editor

Reasons to get Audiotool

  • MP3 Export
  • Dozens of Virtual Instruments
  • Syncs tracks between devices

Reasons not to get Audiotool

  • Only works in browsers

Not a fan of downloading a program onto your desktop and would prefer an online option? This tool is for you. It works in browsers (as long as that browser is Chrome). A great thing about Audiotool being online, you can access your audio clips from anywhere. You can also get Audiotool as a Chrome extension.

In the past, online programs don’t fare as good as programs that download to your desktop. There can be more bugs, more lag or connectivity issues as it’ll rely on your WiFi connection. Also, their waveform is poor in quality in comparison to any other DAWs listed. Yet, if these don’t phase you, then Audiotool could be your program to use.

With free-to-mix digital instruments, tools and drum machines built-in. You can record 30-second segments of sound to use as samples. Audiotool has 14+ effects which you can add to your audio. Audiotool emphasises its community and collaboration, whilst featuring user-made music uploads.

Get Audiotool here


Reasons to get Ocenaudio

  • Beautiful interface
  • Edit online audio files
  • Hear changes in real-time

Reasons not to get Ocenaudio

  • Irregular updates
  • Not as known as Adobe Audition or Audacity

Ocenaudio is another beginner-friendly program. This is perfect for you if you find Audacity to be a bit overwhelming, At the same time, both have similar features.

Whilst there are minor faults and irregularities, it’s an excellent platform to use. It feels lightweight to use, whilst being responsive. Audacity is well-known for its plugins. With that said, Ocenaudio has more and in our opinion, has better plugin support.

The Waveform perspective on this platform is brilliant. With Ocenaudio, a fantastic feature is being able to adjust your playback parameters. As a result, changing effects like reverb can immediately be heard.

You can get Ocenaudio across Winders, macOS and Linux.

Get Ocenaudio here


Many people prefer Acoustica over others due to its multi-track editing in one slot. This allows you to mix many audios in real-time to create final audio. Also, you can get features to loop or mix them whilst reducing the background noise. There’s also an option of spectral editing, which allows you to remove noise using AI, which cuts down time. You can also select your own sampling rate.

Reasons to get Acoustica

  • Processing tools, chains and plug-ins
  • Multi-track editing
  • Audio restoration

Reasons not to get Acoustica

  • Plans can get expensive.
  • Not as many features as the likes of Audition, Audacity etc

Acoustica offers a free trial for 30 days before purchasing any plans.

Get Acoustica here


Choosing your audio editing software can be confusing. All the DAWs offer waveform-based editing, They all have their own stand-out features. With that said, some are better than offers. The best-paid program is Adobe Audition, whilst the best free program is Audacity. Not sure how to edit? Not to worry, we have our own podcast editing services, click here.

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