Why does a responsive website matter?

Why does a responsive website matter? When building a website, people will go for an appealing layout. Yet, they’ll disregard the importance of making that design responsive. Whether you’re coding or using a Website builder. Transitioning your website to be responsive is vital. It’s easy to do too! But, why does a responsive website matter?

What IS a responsive website?

A responsive website design ensures that your website will work on different devices. Your mobile, tablet and desktop. The seamless transition between devices will scale the contents of the website. Adjust according to the size of the screen on which the user is browsing at. Through optimising images, videos and other contents of the website, per the user’s device.

This isn’t a maybe, it’s a must. Over 80% of online searches come from mobile devices. This means it’s integral for your website to be responsive.

User experience is a crucial subject for every business owner. This should be your first goal. To make people fall for your website and convince them to come again & again. If a user opens your website and it doesn’t cooperate with the user. Taking forever to load videos & images, low-resolution pictures or baseless textual data. Then the user would not want to come back to the website and would find other options available for him/her. A survey by Google claimed that 48℅ people think that it is unprofessional behaviour. And the business is irresponsible towards the requirement of the consumers.


Imagine having many websites to factor for many devices, sounds expensive right? It is. Making your website responsive will save you money. As you’ll be a factor many devices through one website. 

Seamless User Experience

There is one important thing about having a responsive website. The user. You need to create a seamless user experience as it’s vital to be in the good light of the consumer. Having a responsive website creates a positive impact on a consumer’s mind. As you’ll keep them for a long time, they’ll always refer to you. This is what every business aims to achieve, get this and you’ll be unstoppable.

Management is easier

Businesses often struggle to find the time to update or refresh their websites. Yet, if you have a responsive website. Updating your desktop side will have a seamless transition on your other devices. A responsive website takes all the stress of managing the website on its shoulders. Whether the linked redirect will work towards getting exemplary visitors or not. You need the link between mobile or desktop.

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A responsive website will benefit your SEO. This is because Google gives more preferences to websites that are mobile-friendly. This alone should be a massive reason for having a responsive website. Remember, SEO is the main benefactor for your website to rank high. The reason that responsive websites rank higher on search results. Is that these days most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. As a point made earlier, over 80% of search results come from mobile devices. With that in mind, Google made the switch to focus on mobile-first indexing. That’s why when it comes to SEO, having a responsive website is a must.

Accessible website

Major traffic comes from individual searches. When your website is accessible to all the different kinds of devices. Users can search for everything conveniently. Businesses can enjoy lead generation and many other added benefits. Their conversion rate will be higher too. A responsive website makes the website user-friendly. Yet, it also makes it easy for people to navigate.

Compared to static websites. Responsive websites have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates on average. This makes sense since users enjoy their experience and spend less time waiting for the page to load. By tailoring the web content to the user. It makes it easy for users to view and navigate any page, which keeps them on the page for longer. 

Lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates lead to increased sales. And happier site visitors. This represents hundreds of thousands of dollars you stand to gain. By switching over to a mobile-responsive website.

So, is a responsive website overrated?

We all understand nothing is perfect. Yet, there’s no exception to a responsive website design. There are disadvantages and advantages of every element prevailing in the present world. On responsive websites, it may be difficult for you to provide features. For different users, according to the device they opt for. This can lead you to face significant challenges. Creating a responsive design for your website can be difficult. For you to be unique and precise for your brand, but, you must incorporate a responsive layout.

Hence, this shouldn’t make you sceptical about having a responsive design. As every design type has its own disadvantages. Today, everyone prefers a responsive web design. This is because it makes browsing websites on mobile much easier than before.

Every one of us wants our website to look good on several types of devices.

Yet, we need to remind ourselves of this. You can’t build a responsive website and then forget about it forever. That’s not how this works. It’s a continuous process. New devices are launched in the market every now and then. Keeping up to date is vital.


In conclusion, why does a responsive website matter? The trend of browsing websites using desktops has been decreasing for years. Browsing on a mobile device is the new favourite. As mentioned above, over 80% of the population uses mobile devices to navigate the web. Any business needs to build an online presence for itself. By ensuring to opt for responsive website design.

Those are the reasons, but your next step should be finding a Web Developer. The truth is, you don’t want to spend months on end building a website you likely won’t be happy with. Yet, with an experienced Web Developer, you will get the website of your dreams! Through a responsive design and an underline focus on SEO, Diligence Media will work closely with you. We focus on providing you with a professional experience, yet delivering you a premium website. If you want your website built by us, click HERE to find out more!

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